14th International Tea Day 2018 - Statement


A major achievement of small tea growers that make them distinct from the plantations sectors like coffee, rubber and cardamom is the existence of Confederation of Indian Small Tea Growers Associations (CISTA). The role of CISTA is to espouse the cause of small growers and to defend their interests with the government bodies and institutions. Its role is to codify the concerns of tea farmers, to spread the message and to amplify them. CISTA is the voice of the small tea growers. CISTA has been doing this critical role under the leadership of Satyajit Bordoloi and Bijoy Gopal Chakravorty. As we celebrate ITD 2018, let us resolve to make CISTA stronger, more representative and more participatory by actively getting involved in its activities and thereby strengthening the hands of the leadership. The robustness of CISTA comes from the involvement of small tea farmers in its affairs through State level associations. The large number of small tea farmers in India, thus gives CISTA its energy, voice and its perspective. On the occasion of ITD 2018, let us remember each and every small tea farmers and their workers who are the basic units of CISTA. Let us also remember all other great leaders who have contributed in making CISTA a robust body as it exists today including (but not limited to) Cheniram Khanikar, Dinesh Kumar Sarma, Pronoy Basumatari, Hemant Saikia, Karuna Mahanta, Bijit Basumatari, K. Thankachen, Alex Kozhimala, S A Rahiman, Apurba Rai, Rajat Kumar Karjee, Debasis Pal, Biplab Saha, Idris Alam, Ranjit Datta, Hariprasad N., A M Joghee, T.Dhodai, T. J. Jacob, Bojaraj, Shaji Chelivayal, Vanalal Hmuaka, Tadak Gab, Sompha Wangsa, Shobha Sinha, Pabitra Kar, Hari Shankar Debnath etc.