Vision, Mission & Values

Founded in 1982, Centre for Education and Communication (CEC) is a resource centre dedicated to research, campaign and support on key concepts, ideas and policies that enhance dignified and sustainable livelihood options of workers, in particular informal workers, and small producers.

Our Vision

A world where all workers and small producers are empowered to lead a life with rights, dignity, equity and justice.

Our Mission

CEC’s mission is to build a wider horizon with labourers and small producers and to uphold their rights as well as to enhance their dignity and power. CEC develops key ideas, policies and solutions that address changes in the world of labour and engages with organisations of workers, small producers and like-minded entities. 

Our Values

Programmes of CEC are based on principles of economic, civic and social justice:
  • Economic justice based on universal social security, ensuring need based wage to all workers and fair price for small producers;
  • Civic justice through enhancing bargaining capacity of workers and small producers, legal and policy interventions for achieving decisive participation of the working population in decision making and
  • Social justice based on non-discrimination and ensuring equality in terms of gender, caste and ethnicity.

Though CEC does not have separate gender and caste-based programmes, principles of gender rights and social inclusion are strictly followed in all activities.


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