TS workers face jail in Malaysia

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As many as nine migrant workers who had gone to Malaysia two months ago in search of jobs have landed in trouble as they did not carry proper employment visa. After landing in Kuala Lumpur, they realised that they were cheated by visa agents Sathyam and Pothanna from Nizamabad and Khanapur Srinivas who lives in Malaysia. They were promised stable jobs in a company with a salary of not less than Rs.30,000 per month. The victims Puranam Vinodkumar, Bolli Kamalakar, Esha Venkat and six others paid Rs.60,000 to Rs.80,000 to get job visa. The workers arranged the money by taking loans from money lenders at very high interest and also selling gold ornaments of their family members. On landing in Kuala Lumpur, agent Khanapur Srinivas took possession of their passports.