Labour in WSF India 2004

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Labour in World Social Forum – a joint platform of trade unions, comprising central trade unions, federations, independent unions and labour support organizations ordered a conference on ‘Work and the World of Labour: Freedom, Equality and Labour Rights; Discriminations and Exclusions; Full Employment, Living Wage and Social Security. They also organised four seminars on: (a) International Working Class Unity against Imperialist Globalisation, (b) Privatisation, Disinvestment and its Impact on National Economy and Working Class, (c) Communalism, Religious Fanaticism and Sectarian Violence, Labour Rights and Trade Union Movement and (d) Unorganised/ Unorganised Sector Workers; Right to Work and Livelihood. This book comprises the detailed report of the conference and the four seminars mentioned above. These programmes were held at Mumbai from 16-21 January, 2004.