Mahabubnagar District Palamoori Contract Labour Union v. M/s. Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd. & Ors.

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On the basis of the evidence and reports produced by the petitioners, the Court observed that ‘even the minimum facilities needed for decent human existence is denied to them for the sin of themselves offering as workers. These workers are crowded in a shed like cattle. The shed has no flooring. There is no tidy place to sleep or sit. There is no neat place to cook food. There is no drinking water facilities provided. There are no latrines and urinals. The shed has zinc roofing. The heat, it would radiate in the day and night would be unbearable.’ The Court observed that these workers received advance and work thereafter setting off the wages towards the advance, and thus there was a case of labourers being detained in the work spot against their wishes and to realise the advance paid to them.